Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raspberry Pi

The news of a $25 computer call the Raspberry Pi was circulating on the internet for over a year and now the little Linux computer is in full production. It was originally conceived as a cheap learning tool for schools, but the hobbyists have been doing some really creative things with the little computer.

Finding a place with them in stock is getting easier, but they are selling out fast due to the cheap price. I ordered one primary to play around with the Raspbian Linux OS and also Raspbmc (a port of the awesome XBMC). I run XMBC at home on a Acer Aspire 3610 which streams from an unRAID server and this is what got me into Linux.

I ordered the model B board which simply has an extra USB port and ethernet port. Originally, the model A had less RAM (128MB), but has been slightly changed to have the same as the B. Plus, the ethernet port is needed to stream for Raspbmc.

I also picked up a Adafruit Pi Box enclosure. It simply snaps together and shows off the internals. The Adafruit is not really a rugged case for carrying around and I may replace it later. I was thinking I could use it for a portable media player and I don't feel the case will hold up in a back pack.

I did quiet a bit of research on compatible hardware and was happy to find a compatible SD card and USB WiFi dongle that worked right out of the box.

Patriot PCUSBW1150

WI-FI USB Adapter

Patriot 16GB Micro SDHC
Class 10 Model PSF16GMCSDHC10

Useful links:
R.Pi Verified Peripherals

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